Sports Teams

EVERYONE becomes a member of a TEAM at some point in their lives. Your team members may be your family, your classmates, business partners, faculty members, Bible study group, co-workers or your friends with whom you play sports.

If your team could use a little help to become more focused and more united with a singleness of purpose, Warner Camp experienced staff will facilitate group building activities and initiatives.

What Makes Warner Camp Unique?

  • Our Staff has many years of facilitation experience
  • Quality programs at an affordable price
  • An experience any time year
  • Specialize in collaborating with staff
  • Tailored experiences to meet school goals

Activity Areas

  • Climbing Rock wall and zip line
  • waterfront including canoeing and kayaking
  • Target sports area for archery
  • Trail system for hikes
  • Large athletic fields for games
  • Outdoor sports courts
  • Team Building area