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Being a Lifer

I guess you would say I’m a “lifer”I have a lot of family and church heritage that is out there for me being apart of the Green and Moore family you can’t help but be raised on Warner Camp. Youth camps, Family camps, winter retreats and more….Baptised at Warner Camp (13). Now I’m married and have my own children and they to are being raised on Warner camp. I always think of the song “Standing on Holy Ground.” You truly feel Christ at Warner Camp.It truly has holy grounds… – Nan “Moore” Stultz


Life Changing

This was my first summer at Warner and it saved my life – Kim Sprau

Adding to my life daily

I first heard of Warner when a few of my friends were sharing some stories about the camp sometime sophomore year. Frankly, I did not understand how a camp could be so fun that people were still sharing stories months later. The opportunity came next Summer for me to attend the camp. I signed up and initially was a little hesitant. I was expecting to be on the outskirts of the camp, seeing as everyone had these incredible stories and shared experience that brought them together. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the first day, I was immediately thrown into the giant entity that is the Warner Camp family. Each day that passed, I grew more and more in love with Warner Camp and its people. Throughout the week I was challenged to reflect upon my relationship with God and who I wanted to be in relation to him. The week made me realize that although I grew up in a church, I never fully pursued a personal relationship with Christ. Ultimately, at the end of the week, I felt the calling to take the opportunity to be baptized. Since then, I have fallen even deeper with God, Warner Camp and the friends I’ve made there. Because of the guidance from counselors such as Chloe and Dave, I still am pushed to grow in my identity in Christ. It’s very easy for me to say that Warner Camp not only changed my life, but continues to add to it through friendships everyday. – Jonathan