Here at Warner we strive to build positive Life Changing experiences. Building leaders for tomorrow is a top priority for us. Without the youth of today, we do not of the church/camp of tomorrow.

I stand in amazement each week at the level of trust each of our campers have in each other and the summer staff. Each group is a little different but non-are better or worse than the other is. All are unique and equally important in the building up of each other and the Kingdom. Some weeks our lodging is full and some weeks not so much. I have to remind myself that it is not the number of campers but the actual CAMPER that makes the difference. God has each one here for a purpose and a reason, he knows before we do who will come and what the impact will be.

Last evening I sat with my windows open listening to the joy, the laughter and the worship of 75+ high school campers. Hearing their voices lifted in praise, the heart song of so many floating across our campus. As I approached the café deck this morning I saw a group standing on the deck all in prayer, I caught my breath at the power that that single moment had….. 22 staff members praying for those who were still fast asleep in their bunks….. 22 staff members praying for 75+ campers…… 22 staff members laying their hearts desires for this week before their King…..22 staff members laying their life before our God, leaving it all on the table for Him to control!! 22 staff members serving the Risen One.

As you enter your own time of prayer and worship, would you add Warner Camp to your list?