In the early years of the Church of God, Grand Junction, Michigan was base camp for the Gospel Trumpet and the new movement. During those years, D. S Warner purchased land along a nearby lake which became the home for the new camp meeting that annually brought saints from near and far – as well as a host of local people. This year marks 125 years since that long-ago date in 1892. Those days were not just ordinary days, our times are not just ordinary times – and we believe this year’s camp meeting cannot just be ordinary.

This year’s camp meeting is set for July 15 to 21. Pastor Jim Lyon, General Director of Church of God Ministries, will the speaker for the week. Lyon is the premier communicator in the church today and a proven friend of Warner Camp. It will be great privilege for all who attend to be a part of his impactful teaching and prophetic ministry.   The worship leader will be Chad Harlan from St. Joseph First Church. The First Church choir will be participating a couple of nights. One of the key conference leaders is Dr. Barry Callen, former dean of the Anderson School of Theology and a prolific writer of dozens of books. His two conferences will focus on the holiness streams in the church world at the beginning of the early Church of God days – as well as the flow in our times.

The kick off concert will host Alanna Story on Saturday July 15. Alanna Story is an up and coming musical band that is already having great impact in today’s musical world.   They are true worship leaders who bring new energy and new twists to some of the great hymns as well as the songs of today. Warner Camp believes this will be one of the best concerts you can be a part of anywhere this year. Tickets will be available through Warner Camp or perhaps your church office.

Warner Camp has lodging available in the Warner lodge, several bunk houses, Yurts and its RV park which has 21 additional new sites opening this summer. There are also nearby motels. Camp lodging may be reserved through the camp office. Meals will be available at the camp each day. Information is available at

For some Warner Camp is like a family reunion – for others it can provide a whole new world of adventure, growth and fun. We believe the 125th year camp meeting will be best for these new folks who join in. Activities abound for people of all ages- children, youth and adults. Camp meeting always provides a great opportunity for intergenerational activities and this year we anticipate doing that with even more intentionality.

This year’s theme is ROOTED – to THRIVE. Warner Camp is far more than a miracle of surviving. It is a place with a ministry designed for thriving today. The current Imagine fund campaign has played a major role in updating facilities and enhancing ministries. We remain true to our vision to provide life-changing ministries. These ministries reach hundreds of people each year including more than 450 children and youth in Warner Youth Camps last summer. These kids cross state and denominational lines and include many unchurched. We believe that for too long Warner Camp has been like a well-kept secret that more need to discover including hundreds of Church of God congregations and families even across our home state of Michigan.

The beautiful lake which captured Warner’s eye and heart 125 years ago is still a key part of camp life with swimming, the Iceberg, kayaks, fishing and much more. Another center of activity is found in the new climbing wall with dual ziplines dedicated just last summer. These are enhanced this summer with the addition of a high-adventure ropes course. These new activities are uniquely designed to help people stretch and thrive. After 125 years one has to agree Warner Camp has some deep roots – and these roots are made for thriving!