Why Working at Summer Camp is a Great Place to Learn Leadership Skills


It is important for young adults to develop leadership skills before and while they are working or in college. These skills will teach them communication skills, to be hard working, dedicated, and able to be assertive in their workplace. One of the best ways to develop these skills is to look into Camp Program Specialists/Counselor programs at local summer camps. To be a part of the program, you are usually a couple years older than the oldest age group at the camp. You will lead the Staff-In-Training who will assist with the campers. However, the responsibility and assertiveness you must have to be respected in this position will teach you great leadership skills that can be applicable in every stage of life.


You are responsible for children

            You’ll have to know how many campers you have and where they are. Parents are leaving their campers in your care so you need to show that you are responsible enough for this position. Probably the biggest responsibility a Summer Staff will have is their campers’ safety. Since they are in your care, you have to ensure that they are returned to their parents happy and healthy at the end of the day. Once in the workplace, leaders take responsibility for their actions and manage their own time and work.

You have to set an example for your campers

At camp, you are one of the leaders of the group and due to this, you have to set an example for what is acceptable behavior. Young campers are extremely impressionable and will look to you for clues on how they are meant to act in certain situations. If you are setting a bad example through your language or behavior, they will mimic that. This awareness will be beneficial once you begin working in an office environment. Knowing how to behave in different environments will make you an attractive employee.

You have to work with others

In a camp setting, you are constantly surrounded by people, both counselors and campers, who need your attention. This will require you to not only create a balance between where you are needed but also to learn how to communicate effectively. While being in charge of young children, it will be crucial for you to communicate with other staff to let them know what you are doing. Learning how to communicate with the directors and others will be good practice for when you have to communicate with your boss. Learning how to differentiate who you are talking to, whether it’s a supervisor or a camper, is a valuable skill to have.