Reflections of a summer staff

40 feet of Amazing

To most this is just a 40 foot rock wall, but to me this is what made my summer great. I found the love of encouragement, I found the love of watching campers conquer/cry/or scream through theirs fears, most of all I found the love of enjoying every aspect of one place-even if I had to help at the downside for hours. From getting my first (and only) sunburn of the summer, developing calluses, and ruining every pair of shorts I own, to witnessing a blind teenager climb the wall without any fears, witnessing my camper with a broken knee make it up the wall, and coaching a girl who continually said she couldn’t make it one more step conquer this wall. In less words, I’m definitely missing this place and the people who made the last 3 months AMAZING!

Sarah Bristol
Summer Staff 2016