Disconnect to Reconnect

Imagine this situation – The chapel is filled with big screens, flashing lights and lasers. The camp was geared to be a thrilling high-tech experience.

Then it all goes dark. The lights, the sound, the TV’s, everything is out!

The rest of the evening was without microphones. The worship was acoustic. The chapel was without distraction.

Now imagine that the power outage was not a failure for the camp but a moment to never be forgotten. A moment that would go down in history!

For most events, technology is a necessity. In the corporate world, programs would be ruined if there were a short in the electrical circuit. At camp, lack of technology can lead to a different outcome, such as peeling away layers of distraction and making God the central focus.

Camp is a time for our students to be undistracted so we can build some “Life Changing” moments with them. Sometimes for students it’s just about handling what’s going on in their life because they don’t get breaks to step back and take account of it in the daily hustle and bustle

Sports practices, tests and hangouts with friends fill students’ time. Camp is the place where they can take the opportunity and listen to what God might have to say to them.

Remember when you went to camp as a kid and what God did there? We want that to happen again for all of our students.

Camp is an opportunity to get a student away and to give them a chance to hear God’s voice. Kids are trying to figure out who they are, how they fit in and what their identity is. Camp is the setting to do just that.

Have you registered your student for camp yet? What are you waiting for? Don’t have a student to register? Would you consider donating to our Scholarship fund?

Give the gift of camp today… Help our students “Reconnect by Disconnecting”

Life Changing Experiences is what it is all about!!