Over the past several years, Warner Camp has THRIVED in many AMAZING ways. The addition of the Mitchell Rossen climbing wall and zip line sparked many to take a FEARLESS step–to venture into endeavors we could not begin to IMAGINE. The bathhouse renovation, the addition of 3 new yurts, the completion of the RV Park expansion and the Quinten Greiner high ropes adventure course! We stand AMAZED! Not one of these projects could have been completed without YOU!! We could not be more grateful for your faithfulness!

As Warner Camp continues to THRIVE, it is our desire to cultivate relationships. We want to build on those we have fostered over the years and to begin new ones! Strong relationships are what drives the growth that continues to AMAZE us. The long-standing, meaningful relationships that form every year at Warner Camp are what make this place so incredible. Every aspect of our ministry is ROOTED in building relationships with each other and with God. This year, we are eager to build a stronger relationship with you: our supporters. We want you to know what is happening; we want to share stories with you about how God is working; we want to keep you updated with what is to come. Our mission is to get 125 families to commit to giving monthly to the camp. Will you join us in helping every aspect of our ministry THRIVE?

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